Five Steps to Healing

Five Steps to the Healing Process of Abortion

The place to start is your pro-life pregnancy help center.  They can either work with you themselves and/or will know who can.

1.  Counter the denial.  Bring this back into your consciousness and admit that you were a party to ending your pregnancy.

2.  You must grieve over your lost child-tears, mourning as for another loved one.

3.  Seek Divine forgiveness. 

4.  Forgive others.  This can be very difficult but is needed to complete the healing and get rid of long repressed anger.

5.  Forgive yourself.  Not many get this far, but those who do have real inner peace. 

What is absolutely crucial at every step of the above is compassionate empathy, support and understanding from one or more persons around you.


Life Issues Connector, Mar. 1996-There is healing in the mourning